How We Use Money Matters

Notice, we don’t emphasize how much you make, what part of the country you live in, what your background is, or how good you are with numbers. That’s because what matters more than any of those things are the decisions you make with your money.
Planning, saving, and giving are choices we all can make no matter our income level. If you don’t believe that yet, we understand. Stay with us, and we believe you’ll see what we’ve come to know through decades of experience with life, work, family, and money.

Our goal is to help you use your money to live a life you enjoy, fulfill your purpose, and make a difference. 

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We believe doing money differently can help you live differently.

We see so many people live with stress, worry, and uncertainty when it comes to money. We don’t want you to be one of those people, and that’s why we created Do Money Different.

Our Process

This isn’t a one-size-fits all, quick-fix approach. It’s about taking what feels complicated and making it accessible to everyone--no accounting degree required. With a mix of education and encouragement, we help you make the right money choices for your life. 

Through your four month subscription, you have on-demand access so you can get what you need when you need it. You’ll work through our education modules in 90 days, and you can revisit any topic as many times as you want. Our video content is taught by a real person with real money experience and accompanied by true-life examples and helpful graphics to make it easier to understand. You can also receive bonus content and have your questions answered through our live online experiences. 

No matter you’re starting point, we invite you to start doing money different today.

Our Team

We didn’t mean to make bad choices with our money, but it happened. After getting ourselves on the right path, we’ve set out to help others do money different from the start. Your story matters, and we want to help you learn the tried-and-true principles and money skills we’ve discovered through our own real-life experiences.

We’re a non-profit organization, and our team is personally commiting to building, growing, and supporting this community to empower future generations.

Meet Catherine, one of our Do Money Different founders.

Catherine has been teaching people basic financial management for more than a decade. She’s passionate about helping others understand their personality and design to see how it impacts their relationship with money. She specializes in working with college students and young adults. She is also our teacher and narrator for the DMD courses, and she loves bringing a relatable approach and low-barrier entry to working with finances. 

Catherine has a degree in sociology and psychology from Birmingham- Southern College and lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband Paul.  They have a young adult son and daughter.

Read Catherine's Money Story

Meet David, one of our Do Money Different founders.

David is an accomplished P&L manager who started his career in sales where he rose rapidly to sales and executive management positions.  He went on to lead a fast-growing $33 million technology business that was part of a global $100 million company that went public. He has an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Kentucky and an MBA in International Business from Suffolk University in Boston.

David has leveraged his business expertise working with non-profit organizations like Crown Financial ministry, Friends of Refugees, and now Do Money Different. He lives outside of Atlanta with his wife Becky, and he has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

With a resume like this, it would seem like he’s always had his financial life together, but more than any of his professional success, it’s David’s personal experience with money that motivates him to help others.

Read David's Money Story

Meet Anna Cate, a member of the Do Money Different team.

As a young entrepreneur, Anna Cate offers insight into the goals and unique needs of Millennials and Generation Z for Do Money Different. Anna Cate creates websites for businesses looking to grow revenue and elevate their branding. Anna Cate founded her brand and web design company, Sela Vie Creative, in 2018 to bring interior and lifestyle brands to life online. With a passion for digital marketing and brand development, Anna Cate brings more than four years of experience to the team. Anna Cate will be building out Do Money Different’s online presence with complete brand and web design focused on minimalistic design elements and functionality for our clients. 

Anna Cate earned her degree in international business from Auburn University. Since graduating, she has become an expert in SquareSpace and Shopify web development, and graphic design. She and her husband live in Birmingham with their new puppy, Mowgli.

video-based education

With content you can experience right from your own home, doing money different is made accessible and doable.


We believe anyone can learn how to tell their money what to do, and we’re here to show you how.


Through your four month subscription, you have on-demand access so you can get what you need when you need it.

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