David's Money Story

founder spotlight Oct 17, 2020

In my 20’s, I spent money however I wanted and lived with no financial plan. Then, my life turned upside-down with a surprise pregnancy, and all of the sudden I was getting married, buying a house, purchasing a bigger car, and paying medical bills. 

Credit and debt felt like the answers to my problems because I didn’t have money or a plan to take care of myself and my family. 

Life threw more curve balls as I took over the family business after my father’s death, had a second child, and my marriage ended in divorce. My life felt like it was wrecked. My home was foreclosed, and I couldn’t pay my bills or child support. This was the hardest season of my life, and it seemed impossible to recover. 

It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance, but ultimately I did recover. Now, I’m living the financial life I only dreamed I could. I have a solid plan for my money, and I’m completely debt free. I even paid off my house!

Because of my experiences, I’ve become passionate about helping others learn how to “do money different.” I truly believe there is hope for every person in any situation. Whether you’re in a bad spot like I was or you’re just starting out, our team at Do Money Different is honored to help you find financial success and freedom.


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